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Jack Melt Candle by Design Ideas

Jack Melt Candle
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Jack Melt Candle;Don’t let these innocent giddy pumpkin faces fool you! Our Jack-O-Melt Candle was carefully engineered with two types of wax that melt at different temperatures. As it burns, the inner core will melt and drip from the wacky faces carved i

Saw Luminaries by Paper Magic

Saw Luminaries
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Saw Luminaries.Includes: 6 Saw Paper Lanterns and 6 Tea Lights. Dimensions: Approxiamtely 5.75″ Wide by 3.5″ Deep x 11″ High.*Sand and Accessories Not Included. Accessories Sold Separately. Saw Luminaries includes 6 bags and 6 tealights. Different design